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education committee


Did you know that PSN has an education committee with projects that you can plug into right now? Sign up today and get involved in one of the projects listed below! 

Ways to get involved:

🍎 General Membership - Can't commit to a project right now? No problem. Sign up and stay in the loop!
🍎 Community School Connection Project - Support neighborhood schools and advocate for resources to improve the school for children!


🍎 Back To School Project - Help shape public school policy around COVID-19!

🍎 School Board Monitor Project - Attend the School Board meetings, help keep the public informed, & hold board members accountable!

East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Information

How can I see a School Board meeting agenda? How do I comment on an agenda item?
To find the school board meeting agendas or comment on an agenda, visit
Meetings are conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order. For an explanation of Robert’s Rules of Order, visit


Can I watch a School Board meeting without attending?
There are several ways to view school board meetings.

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